Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:14

(continued from last post)
In the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Gospel written by Levi, it states that “the Science of the Soul is called the Holy Breath.” Have anyone read that book? The Holy Breath. Jesus came to His disciples after He returned from the grave and He breathed upon His disciples the Holy Breath. All through the ages Man has found that the link between Himself and God is the breath. The Holy Breath is the emerging principle. It is locked up with the life principle and only when we understand it, working from within ourcells (ourselves), are we liberated because the Holy Breath revolves around the spinal column. In Eastern writings, along the spinal column we find words mentioned like chakras or centers of energy. In the Christian scriptures, the Book of Revelation, we find the same thing mentioned in terms of golden candlesticks, the seven golden candlesticks and the golden candles. Candlesticks are containers, candles are the actual force burning. In the East they call them the seven centers or seven chakras.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:14)