Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:47

(continued from last post)
Baptism is initiation, an introduction to the purpose, the way of how to cycle the energy in so that we can consciously die and emerge in God. When he was baptized or initiated by John, he went through the process and in the final process he emerged and rose on the third day to demonstrate to his disciples that this is the way back to the Creator, free-men or lord of themselves. Thomas was in doubt that such a thing had happened when he was told that a Master had emerged or resurrected. His mind could not accept. They were in a (can’t be heard) chamber and then low and behold the Master appeared to them and in that moment he questioned, “Are you apparition or are you real?” They knew the difference, they had to know the difference because they were accustomed to mediums, they were accustomed to psychic writings, they were accustomed to all the extrasensory studies from Egyptian time. Is it truly emergence or is this one big grand hoax of a hypnotic act. Jesus approached him and says, “Touch, make sure, it is emergence, it is liberation.” We see then the final role in the Science of the Soul is free-men all, lord of yourself.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:47)