Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:56

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If you look back in the lives of all the Masters who died, very few die in Their beds. They’ve all died a violent death by the involvement with the disciple. There is the great Master, Guru Arjan, who was literally butchered to death by the involvement of His disciples where He came to teach them in Punjab. Buddha died by poisoning. Krishna died by being taken for a beautiful deer because His skin was blue. The auric light was so bright that the man who was hunting thought it was a beautiful deer walking and shot Him. So we don’t know of any real Master leaving this earth plane dying in bed. The involvement of their disciples determine their death. It seems tragic from the Western point that Jesus involvement brought a death on a cross, but the cross is not a Christian symbol. It was used centuries ago before by the Chaldeans, (can’t be heard) emphasize Christianity. Crucifixion was not a normal way to kill a man. It was only reserved for criminals, but even then they never nailed him, they would tie him on the post or the cross and let him hang out there and die a slow death and in the slowness of the death, they would gradually break the limbs to speed up the pain.
Question: As Christians experience illumination when they accept Jesus as Savior you’re saying they’re accepting Him as Master, would you make that statement?
Adano: Yes, the word Savior and Master means the same because it comes from the word Guru, Messiah, He who lifts up, He who saves you from your frustrations. What is a Master for and what is a disciple? What constitutes the disciple? When you are totally frustrated that’s the only time you’re gonna need help, but as long as you don’t have frustrations you’re gonna think you’re pretty smart and get out of it yourself until you find yourself in a mental blind alley. It’s like the wild horse. He’s pretty smart as long as they keep chasing him, he’s gonna run the whole arroyo and all of the whole plain till they pin him up into one corner, then he’s frustrated and he may be lucky if he can turn around and charge into his opponents and throw them off guard and get away. Maybe when we can turn around in our mental whirl (world) and face our ids (ideas) just like that wild horse and surprise ourcells (ourselves), then we are free. A Master comes to us because He has solved these mental blocks, these behavioral patterns, achieving that total freedom by living it. He extends that to the student or the disciple so that he can turn now, solve that same frustration and come out. Otherwise there is no need for the Master. That’s why Jesus said, “The student should be as the Master.” The Master is frustration less, but the student is frustration total. You see?
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:56)