Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:00

(continued from last post)
Question: Isn’t it rather conceited for an individual to identify himself as a Master or a Saint while in the body. It seems that this sort of thing would not be information that’s given to people in the body.
Adano: Is it not conceitful for an individual to call himself a Master, to identify himself as a Master in the body? He who says he’s a Master is not and he who says he’s not a Master is not.
Question: Then who’s a Master?
Adano: He who is Master of himself.
Question: And who is to determine who has mastered himself?
Adano: God.
Question: So then it cannot be identified in the body who is a Master and who is not.
Adano: Yes. He has an unusual ability when you’re in His presence, to answer your questions before you ask them.
Question: (can’t be heard) they are not of love, then they are not of God.
Adano: His questions and His answers are always embedded in truth because He has lived them and will demonstrate them to you if you’re in doubt. He first must be able to walk the road before He can say or give an answer. Otherwise, He keeps His peace and that He gives you all the time while you are in His presence.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:00)