Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:06

(continued from last post)
So they used to say “mother cow,” “brother goat,” “sister sheep,” and if you live on the reservations they do call these animals brother, sister, and mother like that. Now Western man is grown up into an environment where he eats meat without that type of association. To say that he should up and dump it to become a vegetarian overnight is not practical. I’ve tried every form of diet, the extreme to the non-extreme, I’ve found that on the spiritual path a simple diet helps. Meat has a tendency to… up to a certain point in your spiritual life in your meditation you can eat meat. After a certain level of meditation you can’t eat meat. I have an example. There was a man who got on a rooftop in the early days of Jesus, when Jesus passed on, and you may be familiar with his name, his name is Peter and he had a vision and he was supposed to visit someplace that they ate meat. He was then a vegetarian and saw all these things pouring into this sheet of cloth that was supposed to be eaten as food and he said, “Lord these things are unclean, can’t eat them.” But then he hear the consciousness saying, “Eat, everything I have made is clean.There is no unclean, providing.” At that level in meditation anyone who meditates he will see the astral forms of the animals that he had consumed or might consume. Here is the misguiding aspect of consciousness. The negative force of the consciousness can trick you at that moment to let you believe that if you consume the form, you can go higher up into God by telling you, “Everything I have made is clean.” Not until we are fully realized can we vouch for that experience. When we are in deep realization, we will not be pulled down by the object or the substance we eat, we will not come back to the lower tendencies.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:06)