Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:13

(continued from last post)
I’ll give you another illustration. Yogananda was alive as a boy and His friend says, “Come on, you are initiated, don’t tell me you can eat anything.” And Yogananda says, “No, but by the grace of God’s Consciousness, it’s possible.” He says, “I still am a vegetarian.” So the boy says, “Alright, you tell me that God is in everything?” Yogananda said, “Yes.” “You mean to tell me that little mess that that dog puked up there, God is in it?” Yogananda says, “Yes.” He says, “You mean to tell me you can reach forward and eat it?” He says, “By the grace of God working in my consciousness, yes.” He says, “If you eat it, then I’ll join you.” And Yogananda ran up, picked the stuff up and start eating. The boy started to vomit and He grabbed the boy by the head and pushed it into his mouth, make sure he tasted it and when he did, the boy was pleasantly surprised, it was the most pleasant tasting food he ever had. That convinced him at what degree the Master was in in Consciousness. It cured the boy, but the boy became a lifelong disciple years after. He could not stand the shock that a student of his age and Yogananda of His age could be a teacher, but it was not until Yogananda entered the Swami order that the man came back a grown man, a doctor, that came on a visit to this country doing research, that went back in humble respect and realized that he was living with a Master. You see it was said that Jesus took a dove of clay while others were playing and threw His and His flew away when He was a child. In the consciousness, yes, but nevertheless when He was a full grown man then the Consciousness was truly working. Many of us come back into the world with an awakened Consciousness at early age and can do things. If we take advantage at that point, we’ll never go forward. If we do not take advantage and wait until that Consciousness is set and mature, then we can do anything, Free-man or Lord of Themselves, not until then.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:13)