Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:22

(continued from last post)
Now there was a man who was dying and he wanted to see the Master of this particular ashram in India, but he couldn’t because he was in hospital and people came to intercede. They say they can’t afford to keep him in the hospital, they don’t have the money and he’s old, but “he lingers on only because of love for You.” “Why don’t You release him and let him go?” The Master said, “Alright.” He visited the man in the hospital and He says, “You want to go home?” He says, “Yes Master.” “Then go on.” And the man died instantly. There was another one who climbed up a mountain searching for a Master called by the name of Babaji and he said to Him, “Alas I have found you. Without you I cannot get to the gates of heaven.” And the Master said to him, “In your present condition I can’t accept you as a disciple.” He said, “If You don’t accept me I’ll kill myself. I’ll jump over this mountain and kill myself.” The Master just looked at him and says, “Jump.” And he did jump and everyone says, “That’s a cruel act. That’s taking life.” And the Master says, “Bring his body now.” It was all mangled up and He touched it and He says, “Now you’re free, you’re immortal. No longer do you have to face death. Now you can be one of Us.” So when we say if a Master kills, He is God incarnate. Every act He performs is to raise you back to your true Divinity. Freeing you again from the Involvement. Yogananda was alive in the body and someone told me this. There was a ant nest in the pathway of the driveway of Mount Washington estate and everyday He would come along and look at the ants building their nest and one day He says, “You know, soon people will walk on your heads and you wouldn’t evolve and I might as well do it for you right now.” And they said Master squashed up all the ant nest. Now would you say that’s a cruel act or killing? The Involvement.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 1:22)