Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13

Yet the word Brahma means head, the head. This is the portion of the human mechanism that creates or centers thought patterns and centers consciousness. Objectively looking at this, minus the symbology, we can say that Creative Intelligence is pure Cosmic Awareness devoid of all forms, omnidirectional, meaning It can look in any direction now. It’s not limited in any direction. It’s an omni-directional or all directional Awareness. How does this omni-directional Awareness affect creation? The only way It can affect creation, It must come down to some form. So they say the next level of this omni-directional Awareness is Vishnu, the preserver. All right, if you create something out of your mind, you take it from some inspirational point of your being, you’ll get joy. The greater joy will come now from trying to preserve it or maintain it. If you don’t maintain it, you will throw it away. How many of us, when they make something, throw it away immediately? You create something and you look at it and there is joy. You maintain it, polish it, take care of it, there is more joy because it’s using itself, you are using it, it’s acting. The greatest joy will come if you smash it all up and remodel it because you would put a new model into effect. This is Consciousness at work. This is the Creative Principle at work. Now this Creative Principle must come down on a human level, no matter how we try, it must work through us as human beings. We have it in us as human beings. It is for us to recognize it.
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13)