All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11

We went over to Mexico and as soon as… this is the funniest thing, as soon as I crossed the bridge from the state of Texas into Mexico… This was the oddest phenomena, I don’t know how you want to call it, odd timing, or what it is, snow began to fall, in Mexico! The immigration officer goes “Look at this thing.” I said, “Oh no.” All of a sudden I says “Well, Montezuma has come back” and I handed him my papers and I kept on walking and everybody is amazed to see this snow. Everybody is running out and they are gonna collect this snow. Well they said, “This is the first year of snow in 100 years that snow had ever fallen in Mexico.” In the last 100 years was the last time it ever fell in 1957 and we drove all the way down and it fell all the way up to Laredo, from Laredo to Monterrey, and between Monterrey to Mexico City you could see the truck. They were making snowman and piling it and driving down the road and everybody is shouting and making noise. Here I’m coming along and I said to Sonny, “Well, Montezuma has returned.” And the snow is falling. I was joking, but…
Question: Is that a saying or a legend, it will snow only when Montezuma returns?
Adano: Yes, it was supposed to be when Montezuma returns, snow will fall in the hills of Mexico. That is true, I found out after. You see one time, this was when I was living back home in Guiana, an uncle of mine, he was interested in Mayan history you know and he had collected… and he had one little writings from the life of Montezuma. After Montezuma had been betrayed by his people to the Spaniards and then he died… before he died, you know, he cursed Mexico and the Spaniards. You know they say, “Montezuma’s revenge, the Aztec curse?” You know? When Montezuma returns the hills of Mexico will be full of snow. In other words, in a warm place, he will freeze them all up. One way or the other, he will do something. I remember reading the thing, when Montezuma comes back, so I says when the snow is falling, it flashed right in my mind. Montezuma has returned, jokingly.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11)