Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08

Now Cain and Abel, these are two forces in this mechanism. Humility and egoism, these are the two forces locked up in man which are the offsprings of reason, logic, and feeling. Adam is logic and reason, Eve is feeling, therefore they have an offspring called now ego, his name is Cain and in counterbalance because ego is greater than humility, it’s called a child of God. God is a super-ego. Didn’t know that eh? Yes, you see Cain was called a child of God, the superego. God is the superego and the lower ego is Cain so Abel is humility. That is something that grovels in the dirt so Abel was someone who found to be of a lower nature that had to bow down in activity. Now these two forces are working inside. Ego will always try to destroy humility, will always try to make a foot-mat out of humility. Any person who is humble and doesn’t try to stand up and act in a passive way, you’ll always find an egotistical person trying to take advantage of them because they do not like to see passive, humble people, so the egotist will always try to bang their heads in or smash it in. So Cain is ego and Abel is humility.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08)