Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27

Let us enlarge the cup of our consciousness so that the Christ Consciousness can fill us and quench our Soul thirst. As we behold the Christ Consciousness in all individuals, families, races, creatures, we must finally experience Him in the spinal Christmas tree of the bodily temple. There we will discover the Star of Wisdom, the omnipresent Ever New Joy, the Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Vibration, Cosmic Wisdom, and Cosmic Love. Every year and every moment, the Christ is recognized in Cosmic Consciousness and the angelic beings all celebrate this glorious manifestation. Let us now celebrate this Christ Consciousness in our own meditation. Let us prepare the Christmas tree of the spine and let us place the eternal gifts on this beautiful spinal tree. The gift of eternal consciousness life, unconditional love, unattachment, service, understanding, self control, and self surrender. And as we place these gifts on the spinal column of the great cosmic Christmas tree, we behold the Cosmic Christ Consciousness permeating us in a golden, blue white light, flowing through us and around us and may this Consciousness lift us up that we be living examples of these glorious gifts and as we permeate our consciousness, not the physical body of Jesus, but the glorious Christ Consciousness that is in all creation, we will then participate of these glorious gifts that we feel in the spinal Christmas tree in the bodily temple. Om, Christ, Gurus.
— Adano Ley (Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27)