Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11

I’ll put it this way, all the knowledge that has come down to us if we were to apply it in our simple way, day to day, these words could be your greatest measuring stick for living in the carbon based body, “I accept the communication of the Saint.” But Their communication has nothing to do with channeling. Their communication is actual manifestation of Themselves for you to check’em out because They’re your brothers and your sisters so They can’t play games in your head. Therefore I accept that type of relationship. The next statement is “there are no sins to forgive, but misapplied decisions.” I accept responsibility to correct my own misapplied decisions no matter where I did them, I accept that responsibility to correct it and if you ask God, “Is there a sin?” He may say, “Yeah, when you don’t look at Me.” Now who is Me? Yourself, you see? So that’s why Jesus put in a nice way by saying, “Love the Lord thy God with all of your mind. You can’t do it with part of your mind, so it gotta be all of your mind so Me is involved in the all and with all of your heart, all of your strength, all of your breath, and your neighbor as yourself. Everything is, but that’s the understanding that brings you to the… that you will resolve all the misapplied decisions that were done and correct them.
(to be continued)
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11)