Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13

(continued from last post)
So that’s valid, God will clean up His own act via the individuality. Individuality triggered it, individuality can clean it up and resolve it in the unified field, that’s your true self. And last but not least, the atom is eternal, I am made from the atoms. I am 144 elements. I ain’t going no place because who am I? I and the Father are one? Two things equal to the same thing are themselves equal to one another? Am I immortal or am I just a figment of my imagination?
Audience: Immortal.
Adano: Good, then if I’m immortal, then you make the declaration, “I will do the cleanup, or the dirty work, because I trigger it off myself through my individuality as an opportunity to experience differential relationship ’till midnight eternity. In other words God, creating His universe out of a unified field, has to impress back upon His nature the highest integrity of individuality of assuming responsibility for the role as an individual. It’s what you call Superman emerging out of Clark Kent (laughing from Adano and the audience). The maturity of the super being out of the individual. The quality that’s inside of you that must emerge for, what you say, assuming responsibility for being you. Not afraid of it, not running from it. That’s in essence what we are saying and it is there that They’re trying to teach us and we’ll constantly be reminded by it in all the different meditational groups. We’ll have it more and more, seeing it everyday.
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13)