SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:40

Now modern science, doctors today, scientists can vouch beyond all reasonable doubt, by mechanical machinery that this brain of ours, everyone from the lowest Hottentot or primitive in Africa, there is enough electrical power in the brain to light up a 25 watt bulb when they hook it onto it. Now if the brain can send out that much electrical power to light a 25 watt bulb, and this is positive fact, and we don’t even use more than one tenth portion of it to perform our daily activities, nine tenths portion is inactive, do you see that the great men were talking of something deep down inside that they knew. They saw this inside of themselves, that there is a light that is burning from within because this body is all light. This body is energy. This body is the result of consciousness and energy. It’s a Divine Principle. Now, they said that this body is a Temple of God too. Now… and they also say that when God created the Universe, He made Man in His own image and likeness. He made him from an atomic principle and He endowed him with an omnipresent awareness. That’s His own likeness because if you’re going to go to God, you would say that God would be the only person who would know everything. So He’s everywhere, so if He’s everywhere, He’s omnipresent and if He’s omnipresent, He’s all powerful already and if He’s all powerful, He’s all knowing so this would be a state of awareness that would be in an individual who has realized himself that this goes on.
— Adano Ley (SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:40)