SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:42

(continued from last post)
But that’s not what we want to find. What we want to establish is that we know where to go, now, we know what we are looking for. We now want to experience it. You see? If we didn’t know where to go and what we’re looking for then we would not be able to experience it. You see? Now you know… what’s that cafeteria not too far from here? Haliburton? You know where Haliburton Cafeteria is? Now you know what you want to eat when you get there, you see? Now, but if you don’t know, you wouldn’t go. Once you have established the destination, once you have established some facts about what you’re doing, then you go, you see? If you don’t have these things established, you could not partake, you could not eat at the cafeteria because you don’t know where it is. It’s the same thing here, you cannot experience the peace that you are looking for outside, but you are told now to look inside and what to look for inside? They say to look for a light that is shining in there. Now also Jesus said in His own words, when He says, “Though Heaven and Earth will pass away, not one word of Mine shall pass away.” Now so many thousand years have passed and men are still saying up to this very day, there is a light in here and those who have experienced it will vouch that there is a light in there and they’d rather die, no matter how many people will try to enslave them or try to make them disbelieve that the light is not there, they would prefer to give up their life for the light that is in there because they have proven it to themselves.
— Adano Ley (SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:42)