All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:05

So meditation helps us to commune now by going in. These Teachers or Saints or Prophets point out a specific place in this mechanism, how to communicate, and in the Master Jesus He says, “When thine eyes are single… if thine eyes be single,” that’s the focus now for the first time, “the whole body is full of light” and I said before Einstein helped us to understand that this is light. That this whole physical frame is light, the atomic principle, and Jesus was only putting it in a poetical language. Einstein came along and put it in what we call a modern day scientific language. So the principle is still the same, like the ant sharing in the same thing as us. He knows that he moves to (inaudible)… So Jesus was only in His day, was saying it in His language, or symbology. Scientists is saying it in the same thing. Living man who is caught up in the turmoil between the churches information of what the reality is and the scientists’ revelation of what the reality is, he’s caught up in this conflict which is which. Which is the right (inaudible)… Now, there is no conflict between the two. There is no conflict between what the great Teachers of Truth have said and what scientists are discovering. If there’s no conflict between the two, it’s only terminology now.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:07)