Volume 3 Satsang SatGuru – 1965 – 2:01

But I never saw the Master. I meditated for years after that, I never saw Him in any other astral form. He never came to me in an astral form. He only came once. The day He died, or He left the body, I was going home and I arrived there was a telegram and I opened the telegram and I read He just passed away. Well, there I’m going to show you human recriminations. I started to swear and I kick up the floor, I says, “What a damn food I was, I should have gone and seen the man while He was in a human body. You need to see the Sat Guru in the human body. You must have human contact.” And here I’m going through exactly the rigmarole, talk of the same thing, “I should have gone, I lost… what have I gained? I’ve only got a few inner experiences and building my consciousness here.” The thing that was more important now was to see that human body. See how human form wants human form? A lion needs a bigger lion to look up to. I need to go and see. Deep down there was something still missing, I should have gone and seen. No sooner I had said that I felt my eyes close down and I heard like a huge voice say, “Who is dead? I am alive! You know it all.” Like that I knew He was lifting off karma from my mechanism like mad and I can see all these things moving in consciousness. From that day on I knew the whole course of the SRF without even looking at it and I didn’t even read the balance. The thing had worked, what I wanted most to know about. I wanted His blessings from that realm without having to go and say, “I was touching human form and satisfying human form.” I wanted to know that really, divinity was working from any level, from any time and space, it could reach out to man and touch him. In other words, I was trying to really appreciate His existence in California which I called “the podium of the church,” and Canada where I was living, “pew 93 at the back of the church.” And all of the Masters were (inaudible) above me and I’m sitting back here trying to peek through the clouds to see where the Guru is, but at last I can feel that light coming down was enough for me because this was how I had already accepted the Guru consciousness. I was no longer looking for physical form no more.
— Adano Ley (Volume 3 Satsang SatGuru – 1965 – 2:01)