Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:16

(continued from post on September 29th)
You are made in the image of that light and if you look at your image, your true self is for the first time looking at yourself, then you can say without doubt, “I and my Father are one.” That is the ideal image in the end. Now the Hebrew and many Hindus start off worshipping God as Light, finally coming to the full realization and shouting to the top of their head, “I and my Father are one.” Eventually Moses had to experience that. Moses said he saw a burning bush. What is a burning bush? It’s a light. This is the only symbology they could relate. He closed his eyes and saw this light burning from here in the Arjuna center, or the third eye center, and as he saw the light inside he constantly meditated upon it. As he meditated upon that, which you call Mount Sinai, it’s the mountain here, as he looked inside within his own consciousness and the light became brighter and brighter, then he said, “Who are thee Lord? What is Your name?” And the voice came back from his own inner being saying, “I am that I am.” You and I are the one in other words, I am you and you are me. You are light and I am light. We are all light. If you are seeing this you are seeing the light. Now it’s difficult for Moses to go down and tell the people in captivity that the God name is “I am.” They would not accept that because they did not have the inner experience that their own God self was functioning in them.
— Adano Ley (Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:16)