Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:18

(continued from last post)
They had to have some relationship, some thing to relate to. So Moses had to come down another level. He had to meet the people at a level that they could communicate with. So he said Yehovah, the Lord. Yet it shows that even they who lived so long in captivity, could not accept Yehovah / Lord. Even when they were lead out of the captivity, they had to latch on some other form to build up devotion. While Moses was up in the mountain trying to bring down more consciousness, the people then chose a form that was obvious. They melted down all the gold and made themselves a golden calf, a form to relate to, because they so ingrained in their captivity to some form. Finally, when it was all smashed up and the forms were all destroyed, they had to face themselves. So the very first commandment is, “Thou shall have no other gods or graven image before Me.” Me who? Me, Light, the Cosmic Principle, the Creative Intelligence. So the final résumé is that when you look inside yourself as a human being devoid of every religious heritage, since some of us don’t want to be affiliated with religious heritages anymore, we want to look at ourselves as Human Beings (Adano emphasizes these words), then we have to look at ourselves in the atomic nature now for the first time. We have to accept our atomic structure. If we accept it then we will see ourselves as pure light.
— Adano Ley (Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:18)