Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:33

(continued from last post)
Not too long, I visited with a disciple of his, an American, who knew that the Master Yogananda would go into the back of the garden where he lived in California and he would tell the disciple, “Don’t let no one disturb me.” Now the boy knew that there were no other beings back of that garden except Yogananda so he would stand up there and between the hedge and Yogananda, he would be there to prevent anyone going into the garden and he said he heard the voices of Saints talking to Yogananda and some of the voices he recognized because when Yogananda addressed them as they appeared to him and communication went on between the two of them, human voices were going on. One time he said he heard Yogananda says, “I’m happy to greet you oh Guru Nanak” and the voice says, “Yes, I’m happy to greet you now since you’ve made every effort to come to this level.” And many such conversations occurred as Saints appeared to him and this boy was fortunate to hear it. Now he said he could actually describe these voices, they were so resonant and different in every time they spoke, so he heard. Now if he had seen, this would be different too.
— Adano Ley (Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:33)