Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:35

(continued from last post)
Now there was another teacher who came not too long from India and he was somewhere back East here and he was sitting on a rock and they saw him talking just to the empty tree, between the tree and the rock. So his student ventured to go out and ask him, “Sir, who are you talking to?” And he replied, “I’m speaking to Kabir.” So the student says, “I don’t see him.” Well the teacher said, “Alright, you shall have the blessing.” And he touched the boy on the head. He not only saw Kabir standing there, but he heard Kabir held a lengthy discourse on the inner realms with the man and what was going on in the inner realms and the first time he saw Kabir he was in doubt of hallucination. He was in doubt that he might be hypnotized by the teacher. It was until a week after someone had a picture of what Kabir looked like and it was the same man he had seen. Now Kabir spoke very thick accent in his language and those who grew up in the area of where Kabir was supposed to grow up, the boy was fortunate to go back and visit that area in India and that very area, and he tried to investigate, and they knew of the Saint Kabir where he lived and they told him from the language and from the people in that area, they all spoke with the same type of accent. So God is not only light, He is Sound, but this is the sound that became flesh because they said the Word became flesh and dwelt in Man. This audible life current is in Man. We have to make the attempt to get it. Ok. (Applause)
— Adano Ley (Devotion Key to Realization – May 7, 1972 – 1:35)