Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:27

(continued from last post)
Question: Well when you know something and seem to know it here, is this really still reason?
Adano: In your solar plexus in the pit of your stomach they say, “I know something in the pit of my stomach.” That is a pseudo knowing. It’s not a real knowing.
Question: So it’s not intuition?
Adano: It’s not intuition.
Question: You can meditate though for a long time where things are going on and you’re expecting in your mind that you should know that things are going on, but they’re going on and you don’t know, right? I mean some people have experiences right away of good feelings, all kinds of things, and other people it’s almost the reverse.
Adano: Right. When you know there is a different feeling. At the solar plexus there is a feeling and slightly above the solar plexus, which is intuitive now, there’s a goose pimple sensation that crawls up your spine and raise the hairs of your neck and then you have your intuition. Have you had that type of experience now? That is your intuition now. That is knowing independent of the senses and that’s what they call “your feathers are being ruffled.” You see psychologist will say that you don’t have intuition, you have ruffled feathers, but that’s the energy going up now the spine like a goose pimple sensation and it triggers all the head area.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:27)