Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:29

(continued from last post)
What is really happening the kundalini, or the coiled up life energy, is raised up for the first time from the base of the spine like a cold sensation rising up through the body, it’s the movement of the audible life current right up through the spine right through the chakras without interfering them and livening them or what they say vitalizing them so that as it passes through the spine the sense of trust, the sense of conviction, sense of service, sense of commitment, these are the functions of the chakras. These are the true functions of the chakras, not the psychic forces. The true functions of the chakras are the ethic nature. When the ethic nature is opened up in the chakra, that these functions now become predominant and from that heightened state of bliss, or heightened state of goose pimple sensation where we tingle all over, we begin to rely on these ethical qualities and we have formed now the true character of the nature of Man. It’s projected out now.
Question: How many chakras are there?
Adano: There are nine, but we are only familiar with seven because these are the seven that predominate. The other two are subtle ones that we don’t have much use of except when we are in the astral realm, then they become active.
Question: Which ones govern the sense of service?
Adano: The sense of service is governed by the heart. The pure in heart see God and God is devotional service in action, Seva, now S-A-V-I-O-U-R too. It’s not just S-E-V-A which is service. A real Saviour, or Messiah, renders the cosmic service by being God in the flesh among men. That’s why He’s called Emmanuel, God among men.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:29)