Swami Nitananda Saraswati (Adano C. Ley). Thank you Dave McCawley for a “cleaned up” version of this beautiful photo!)


Adano at the Clinic in Houston


Adano Teaching a Class


Adano and John Andre


Adano Picture in the Clinic


Adano and Margaret Mary


Adano and “Sparkle” (Cristen)


Adano with Thomas Smith’s Son, Stuart in 1984


Adano Ley


Adano and Andy


Andy and Mary


Adano from August 1988


Adano in Carpenteria


Adano driving in the van


Adano performing a wedding at All Faith Fellowship (top)
Adano at Thomas Smith’s house in Tyler, TX (bottom)


An attorney from Dallas met Adano in 1969. He recently sent some photographs of Adano made in 1972 in Tyler, Texas. What a treasure!

AdanoTylerTexas1972b AdanoTylerTexas1972a AdanoKenReeceJimHarrellTyler AdanoBobby

Two more wonderful photos of Adano (aren’t they all). Thank you to Lelia for these. She took the first one during one of their 14 hour 9 day seminars with Adano in Massachusetts around 1972.



Here is another photo, probably from around the same time.


From a “Life Stress” course Adano gave in the 1970s. Another wonderful photo courtesy of Lelia Saunders. Thank you again Lelia! Thanks to Mark Harrington, we have more information on who is in the picture. He writes, “my mother Sylvia Harrington is standing to the far left, in the striped pants, and next to her is Eva Jane McKinney and that was from Rockland, MA group where to the right of Margaret Berry and Adano is the host of that group Bob Odonnell, who worked with my mother at Honeywell in Wilmington MA, and invited her into that group in 1972, and was initiated shortly there after.”

And even more information from Lelia Sander’s via Marjorie Morgan, can be found at this link (large 12 MB JPG file, right click to download). Lelia writes “taken at the White Crow Bookstore where Adano taught a class in Massachusetts around 1974. The owners of the bookstore are on the right.”


Mark also sent the photos below and writes, “I met Adano my first time in August of 1974, and here is a photo my mother just found today taken in the backyard at Rockland Ma when Adano was performing a wedding ceremony. My mother took this photo, most of the people in that group were from the greater Boston area, but some could have been followers that traveled to hear all of the Satsangs and attend the workshops.” Thank you again Mark!


Adano and Margaret Berry in 1975 in Rockland. Photo courtesy of Mark Harrington.


Adano on September 25, 1989 in Tucson. Photo courtesy of Mark Harrington.

Adano C Ley Tucson 09-25-1989

Mark also sent this photo and says, “Here is the glass tiffany style All Souls Fellowship stained glass creation that hung in the living room window at Rockland, MA at Bob O’Donnells house. As for the creator of the glass art work, I haven’t a clue who produced that, but everyone back then had those symbols in neck medallion form that Adano had made somewhere.”


Adano Group Photo in Tucson in the late 1980s (from Dawn Sampson): Left to right top row: Chris (Fernando) Cardenoza, Dawn Sampson, Adano Ley, Melissa Wolf, Angie Cardenoza (blonde at the very top), Pam Martin, Jodi Gore. Then on left bottom is Atom Bergstrom and David Knudson (lying down). A note on the back of the photo from Margie reads, “There is so much Love in this room, please get together.”


Adano Teaching at Jodi’s House

Taken at Retreat Lodge in Virginia, 1973 or 1974

Adano VA Retreat_small

Taken in Massachusetts, 1974 or 1975

Adano Hat_small

Adano at Gynn Flyn’s house in E. Bridgewater, MA – 1975 (from Margie Morgan)

1972 – Quincy, MA

April 1972 – Brockton, MA

April 25, 1972 – Brockton, MA

1972 – Fellowship Hall – Tyler, TX

Adano Ley

Adano BW_small

Adano at Christmas in Massachusetts, 1972 or 1973 or 1974

Adano Christmas_small

Photo taken at a retreat in Virginia. Adano was wearing outfit that Margaret bought back from Beas, India.

Adano Beas Outfit_small

Adano Ley

Adano Seated_small

Margie’s house in Brookston, MA around 1974 Retreat

Adano Blanket small

“Bliss at the feet of the Master.” around 1973 or 1974. Margie’s daughter Jennifer

Adano Feet small

VA retreat at hunting lodge. Adano, Patty, Tina, Margie, and June

Adano Group small

December 1985 around the 14th. Carpinteria at Hugo’s

Adano Rose small

1980s Adano, Margie, and Hugo food shopping in Carpentaria, CA

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