Intuition Part 2 – August 1968 – 0:14

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I have a friend. You know he calls himself a Jewish Texan. He says, “I am entitled to be a Texan because I was born in Israel.”
Audience laughing: Now that’s real thinking.
Adano: And he came from Israel, born in Israel, he lives in Texas. He says, “I’m entitled to be a Texan.”
Audience: It also helps us to recognize the worthiness of every other person.
Adano: Right. Now you understand why they say, “to love neighbor as self.” You cannot love neighbor as self in the true sense of the word unless you accept the worthiness of self. Where is the worthiness of self if you constantly defeat yourself of being worthy of being a being or being a channel or an expression of God, then you have defeated your neighbor too. You first got to evaluate your own worth. You got to evaluate your own worth that you are worthy to have the grace of Light descend and make you succeed at this critical point of truth which is the sperm into human form into God form.
— Adano Ley (Intuition Part 2 – August 1968 – 0:14)

Intuition Part 2 – August 1968 – 0:13

Well look at it this way. You can only see the growth in others, you cannot see it in yourself. It’s very hard to see the growth in yourself. Why? Because the sense of unworthiness creeps in because you are flesh, you are form. Therefore the sense of unworthiness…
Audience interrupts: Comes from…
Adano: No.
Audience: Well if you think of…
Adano: If you realize that you are…
Audience: (can’t be heard)
Adano: Wait a minute. Until you accept worthiness as divine grace permitting you to be a human being, not until you accept this fact that it was the divine grace that permitted you to be a human being, to be the only sperm to succeed, then is worthiness a real thing for you. That you are worthy for everything that cometh your way. It’s your worth. You are worth it. You are entitled to it.
— Adano Ley (Intuition Part 2 – August 1968 – 0:13)

All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:07

(continued from post on April 12th)
Then the obvious thing is to experience. This is the obvious… it’s not a matter of tearing it apart to find out what it is because the tearing apart is left to the scientists to do in the first place and he done proved that there is no conflict. He’s proven in his observation that this is what it is. It may be different terminology, but it is the same thing. We who caught up in the process of living have now to experience this condition for ourselves. So it behooves us now to meditate. So They say, the Saints say, “look here and when you look in you will see a light.” Now They say that another step further, “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.” Scientist comes along and says, “the human brain can light up a 25 watt bulb.” The amount of energy that is flowing from the human brain, electrically speaking in a lamp, has the ability to light up a 25 watt bulb. Now you know how bright a 25 watt bulb is? You all (can’t be heard) plug in a 25 watt bulb and see how much light that will throw. Imagine when you close your eyes that much light can be radiating from inside. Now Jesus said, “when thine eyes are single, the whole body is full of light.” Now if you weigh 150 pounds and energy is equal to the mass times the velocity of light squared, you know how much light you got in you? You got lots of light, but you’re not using the light. So the light is shining in the darkness, that is the darkness of the senses. The inability of the senses to comprehend the light. The inability of the senses to refract the light. The inability of the retina to refract the light that is actually stored up in cells and it’s shining in there. That means it’s already in a state of luminescence, but the cells are not going to turn it off because that’s what keeps the cells alive. It’s in a state of electrical flux, but the senses and its chemical ratio is in a state of shutoff.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:07)

Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 1:54

You are exposed now in a search of yourself and certain truths you need to know first about yourself right here to work with in this physical world and as you get these truths and apply them gradually, you will be equipped mentally to understand a Master’s consciousness when He initiates you because that’s what He’s gonna do for you. He’s gonna initiate you and you are ready for the initiation and then He will take over the inner training of your inner life though He will impose the disciplines at the same time and they may be very harsh because He doesn’t make the disciplines easy. In fact He speeds up the discipline on you. Now if anyone has seen the master classes of Segovia on TV with students who went to play guitar, there was one boy who told Mr. Segovia, but “my instrument don’t play like that and it don’t sound like that” and he took the body’s instrument and played it and you know what he says, “don’t come back no more.” You see what I mean? These are the kind of conditions that would exist. The Masters don’t waste time, They are interested to bring the Soul back, but They are imposing the disciplines there whereby you hold in, but He hopes that you have already work out fundamentals. You understand?
— Adano Ley (Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 1:54)

All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:05

So meditation helps us to commune now by going in. These Teachers or Saints or Prophets point out a specific place in this mechanism, how to communicate, and in the Master Jesus He says, “When thine eyes are single… if thine eyes be single,” that’s the focus now for the first time, “the whole body is full of light” and I said before Einstein helped us to understand that this is light. That this whole physical frame is light, the atomic principle, and Jesus was only putting it in a poetical language. Einstein came along and put it in what we call a modern day scientific language. So the principle is still the same, like the ant sharing in the same thing as us. He knows that he moves to (inaudible)… So Jesus was only in His day, was saying it in His language, or symbology. Scientists is saying it in the same thing. Living man who is caught up in the turmoil between the churches information of what the reality is and the scientists’ revelation of what the reality is, he’s caught up in this conflict which is which. Which is the right (inaudible)… Now, there is no conflict between the two. There is no conflict between what the great Teachers of Truth have said and what scientists are discovering. If there’s no conflict between the two, it’s only terminology now.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 0:07)

SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:42

(continued from last post)
But that’s not what we want to find. What we want to establish is that we know where to go, now, we know what we are looking for. We now want to experience it. You see? If we didn’t know where to go and what we’re looking for then we would not be able to experience it. You see? Now you know… what’s that cafeteria not too far from here? Haliburton? You know where Haliburton Cafeteria is? Now you know what you want to eat when you get there, you see? Now, but if you don’t know, you wouldn’t go. Once you have established the destination, once you have established some facts about what you’re doing, then you go, you see? If you don’t have these things established, you could not partake, you could not eat at the cafeteria because you don’t know where it is. It’s the same thing here, you cannot experience the peace that you are looking for outside, but you are told now to look inside and what to look for inside? They say to look for a light that is shining in there. Now also Jesus said in His own words, when He says, “Though Heaven and Earth will pass away, not one word of Mine shall pass away.” Now so many thousand years have passed and men are still saying up to this very day, there is a light in here and those who have experienced it will vouch that there is a light in there and they’d rather die, no matter how many people will try to enslave them or try to make them disbelieve that the light is not there, they would prefer to give up their life for the light that is in there because they have proven it to themselves.
— Adano Ley (SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:42)

SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:40

Now modern science, doctors today, scientists can vouch beyond all reasonable doubt, by mechanical machinery that this brain of ours, everyone from the lowest Hottentot or primitive in Africa, there is enough electrical power in the brain to light up a 25 watt bulb when they hook it onto it. Now if the brain can send out that much electrical power to light a 25 watt bulb, and this is positive fact, and we don’t even use more than one tenth portion of it to perform our daily activities, nine tenths portion is inactive, do you see that the great men were talking of something deep down inside that they knew. They saw this inside of themselves, that there is a light that is burning from within because this body is all light. This body is energy. This body is the result of consciousness and energy. It’s a Divine Principle. Now, they said that this body is a Temple of God too. Now… and they also say that when God created the Universe, He made Man in His own image and likeness. He made him from an atomic principle and He endowed him with an omnipresent awareness. That’s His own likeness because if you’re going to go to God, you would say that God would be the only person who would know everything. So He’s everywhere, so if He’s everywhere, He’s omnipresent and if He’s omnipresent, He’s all powerful already and if He’s all powerful, He’s all knowing so this would be a state of awareness that would be in an individual who has realized himself that this goes on.
— Adano Ley (SMU Lecture – 11/3/1968 – 1:40)

Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13

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So that’s valid, God will clean up His own act via the individuality. Individuality triggered it, individuality can clean it up and resolve it in the unified field, that’s your true self. And last but not least, the atom is eternal, I am made from the atoms. I am 144 elements. I ain’t going no place because who am I? I and the Father are one? Two things equal to the same thing are themselves equal to one another? Am I immortal or am I just a figment of my imagination?
Audience: Immortal.
Adano: Good, then if I’m immortal, then you make the declaration, “I will do the cleanup, or the dirty work, because I trigger it off myself through my individuality as an opportunity to experience differential relationship ’till midnight eternity. In other words God, creating His universe out of a unified field, has to impress back upon His nature the highest integrity of individuality of assuming responsibility for the role as an individual. It’s what you call Superman emerging out of Clark Kent (laughing from Adano and the audience). The maturity of the super being out of the individual. The quality that’s inside of you that must emerge for, what you say, assuming responsibility for being you. Not afraid of it, not running from it. That’s in essence what we are saying and it is there that They’re trying to teach us and we’ll constantly be reminded by it in all the different meditational groups. We’ll have it more and more, seeing it everyday.
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13)

Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11

I’ll put it this way, all the knowledge that has come down to us if we were to apply it in our simple way, day to day, these words could be your greatest measuring stick for living in the carbon based body, “I accept the communication of the Saint.” But Their communication has nothing to do with channeling. Their communication is actual manifestation of Themselves for you to check’em out because They’re your brothers and your sisters so They can’t play games in your head. Therefore I accept that type of relationship. The next statement is “there are no sins to forgive, but misapplied decisions.” I accept responsibility to correct my own misapplied decisions no matter where I did them, I accept that responsibility to correct it and if you ask God, “Is there a sin?” He may say, “Yeah, when you don’t look at Me.” Now who is Me? Yourself, you see? So that’s why Jesus put in a nice way by saying, “Love the Lord thy God with all of your mind. You can’t do it with part of your mind, so it gotta be all of your mind so Me is involved in the all and with all of your heart, all of your strength, all of your breath, and your neighbor as yourself. Everything is, but that’s the understanding that brings you to the… that you will resolve all the misapplied decisions that were done and correct them.
(to be continued)
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11)

All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:13

(continued from last post)
That one person who went to say that after being in the presence and realizing what was to be done, there was no need to be in His presence because he’s feeling the same thing away from His presence. The whole important thing was how to feel it away from the Master’s presence, you see? (Can’t be heard) to realize that time and space does not have anything to do with a Master’s awareness or presence, it has strictly how you tune in.
Person: Because a Master has omnipresence.
Adano: Omnipresence is this principle of speed of light squared. He is that state already, in that flux, you see?
— Adano Ley (All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:13)